Picking Schedule

This is the 2022 picking schedule.

Dear U-Pick Friends,

Another U-Pick Season is almost here and it is time to let everyone know what to expect from our farm. We had no severely cold weather this past winter and spring so there was no crop loss. Most mature tree fruit has an excellent crop. The exceptions are Shiro and Black Amber plums. We had poor pollinating weather during their bloom.

Our season will start the first week of July with Duke blueberry picking. They are an extra large, sweet, firm berry. The picking should be excellent and normally lasts 3 weeks.

Peach picking will start the last week of July with Glenglo. Red Haven will be ready around August 10, followed by all other varieties. Peach picking is available through the third week of September. All varieties are sweet, freestone and all purpose. Picking of each variety lasts a week to ten days.

We have a nice supply of peaches and apples this year. Our price per pound for both fruits will be twenty-five cents less than last year. Hopefully, this will help make your trip to the farm more affordable.

Below is our estimated 2022 u-pick schedule. We hope everyone is able to visit our farm this season so please keep in mind that the weather here in SW Michigan can be unpredictable. Our phone message is updated daily and occasionally throughout the day, it is always a good idea to call (269) 561-5126 for the most current information.

We are looking forward to another great season and hope to see you soon!

Our picking schedule is shaping up like this:

All time frames are an estimate. Please be sure to call 269.561.5126, for fruit availability and weather conditions before making plans or driving any distance.

Dukes are an extra large, firm, sweet berry - available July 7 (picking lasts about 3 weeks)

Summer Apples:
Transparents are an heirloom cooking variety- available July 13 (picking lasts about 3 weeks). Gingergold are a dessert type apple, yellow, firm and sweet - available mid August

Red Raspberries:
Polana are sweet, firm, thornless berries - available mid-August through October.

We now grow 14 peach varieties. All are sweet, large and freestone. We will start with Glenglo followed by Red Haven, Redstar, Blazingstar, Starfire, Loring, Allstar, Glowingstar, Blushingstar, Coralstar, P.F. 25 and Sweetstar. They will be available late July through mid September.

Shiro, a yellow, sweet, Asian plum will be available around the first week of August. A limited crop of Black Amber, a black, sweet plum will be available around the second week of August.

Sunglow, a very sweet, red-gold colored nectarine, with a firm flesh will be available around the second week of August. Fantasia, an extra sweet, deep red colored nectarien will be available around August 20.

Fall Apples:
Gala, Golden Supreme, Honeycrisp, Macintosh, Fuji, Empire, Cortland and Ambrosia available Early September into the first week of October.

Mutsu, Late Gala, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Cameo, Jonagold, Ida Red, Pink Lady, Rome, Winesap, and Evercrisp available late September into the third week of October.

Pumpkin Patch:
We offer some of the most unique varieties of pumpkins and gourds in Southwest Michigan. We grow eight acres of different sizes, shapes and colors. The patch usually opens the second week of September.

All above dates are approximate. For current information call (269) 561-5126.

U-Pick hours are Monday-Saturday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm; Sunday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm weather permitting.

Always call ahead to check weather and picking conditions. Peaches and berries should not be picked when they are wet.

Dress properly: layered shirts, sunscreen, insect repellent, hats and close toed, flat shoes.

Bring containers: Save money by bringing your own containers for tree fruit. Small, shallow boxes or 1/2 bushel baskets transport fruit best. Raspberry and blueberry containers are provided free of charge.

As always, Crane's U-Pick is committed to offering high quality fruit at reasonable prices. Call the above number for current fruit information. We can't wait to see everyone again!

Gary and Sandy Crane


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