Frequently Asked Questions2023-03-31T17:18:05-04:00
What forms of payment do you accept?2023-03-24T11:53:09-04:00

We accept cash, credit, and checks with proper identification.

Are pets allowed?2023-03-27T14:53:37-04:00

Well behaved pets are welcome on a leash, agressive or disruptive pets should stay home. All pet waste must be collected and disposed of in the waste bins provided throughout the property. The only areas that pets are not allowed in are the blueberry and raspberry patches.

Do you give school tours?2023-03-27T14:54:02-04:00

Not at this time.

Are there bathrooms?2023-03-27T14:54:30-04:00

We have port-a-potties stationed throughout the farm.

What is the powdery film that you see on some of the fruit?2023-03-27T14:55:54-04:00

You may have noticed a powdery coating on blueberries and dark colored apples? That is called BLOOM, a naturally occurring substance consisting of tiny scales of wax that is excreted by the epidermal cells of the fruit! This natural wax coating helps preserve the fruit and reduce evaporation.

Do you grow any berries?2023-03-27T14:57:00-04:00

Yes! Our blueberry picking usualy starts around the first of July and lasts 3-4 weeks. U-pick raspberries typically starts early to mid-July and lasts through the fall.

What varieties of stone fruit do you grow?2023-04-10T10:21:24-04:00

We grow several varieties of peaches, nectarines, and plums. Availability largely depends on what the weather has been like that spring. Once fruit reaches mature size, the rate at which it ripens depends heavily on weather and temperature.

Do you have u-pick pumpkins?2023-03-27T14:58:58-04:00

Yes! Along with jack-o-lantern pumpkins of all sizes, we also offer the most unique selection of specialty pumpkins and gourds in Southwest Michigan.

Can we take pictures on the farm?2023-03-31T17:29:36-04:00

Everyone is welcome to take photos while picking fruit on the farm, but outings for the sole purpose of taking photos is strictly prohibited.

  • If you are a professional photographer, you are welcome to take pictures during normal business hours. However, we may not open due to weather conditions or due to a lack of ripe fruit to pick. Call head!
  • Always call the day of your trip for current weather and picking conditions. Please leave a message before your visit to alert us of your plans.
  • Upon arrival, photographers must check in with a staff member at the pay station.
  • You will not be allowed to set up photo shoots in any high-traffic areas.
  • We do not allow fruit picking for the sole purpose of using in your photographs.
  • All photography must be “family-friendly,” i.e., suggestive photos are not permitted.
  • The Gary Crane Farm is not responsible for damage or loss of any equiment, belongings or personal articles left on the property before, during or after your photography session. Please do not leave your valuables unattended at any time.
  • All photographers and their clients are expected to be courteous and respectful of our property, customers, and employees while on the premises. We reserve the right to ask photographers and their clients to move or leave the premises if they are distruptive or non-compliant with our policies.

*Published photographs via social media or websites should credit the location of the photograph (i.e., The Gary Crane Farm, Fennville MI).

What varieties of apples do you grow?2023-03-31T17:06:23-04:00

We grow 20 varieties of apples. Our earliest varieties typically start mid-July, and our fall season typically wraps up in mide to late October.

How should I store my apples?2023-03-31T17:09:48-04:00

Apple varieties are made available for picking as soon as they are mature. This is also the best time to pick for long term storage.

  • For a more “Tree sweet” flavor, it is best to wait a few days into the season before picking.
  • Apples should be picked carefully to avoid bruising as damaged fruit will spoil quickly.
  • Washing apples prior to storage will cause them to spoil sooner. Waiting to wash apples until just before they are used is best.
  • Apples keep best when stored at temperatures between 40 degrees to 34 degrees, moderate humidity will help to keep your apples hydrated.

*Honeycrisp apples keep best if held at a cool room temperature for 5-7 days before moving to colder, long term storage.

Do you have ladders to pick with?2023-03-31T17:10:55-04:00

Our fruit trees are all dwarf varities so no ladders or picking equipment are necessary or provided.

Why can’t I climb the trees?2023-03-31T17:11:51-04:00

Fruit trees are very brittle and cannot handle the stress of being climbed. Climbing of trees can causee damage and therefore is strictly prohibited.

What do you do with the apples on the ground?2023-03-31T17:13:22-04:00

Apples naturally drop from the trees throughout the growing and harvesting season. Due to state regulations, we are not allowed to sell or use the apples on the ground. But they do not go to waste. During the winter, deer and other wildlife eat the apples. Those that are not eaten by wildlife are absorbed back into the soil.

Do you spray the apples?2023-03-31T17:16:09-04:00

Yes. The weather in West Michigan creates ideal conditions for insects and diseases that damage the trees and fruit to flourish. If these problems are not addressed, it will cause large scale crop loss and poor quality fruit. Organic fruit found in your local stores is also sprayed with pesticides. The difference is those used in organic farming are derived from natural substances rather than synthetic ones. Organic produce is also often shipped long distances which can cause a loss in quality and nutritional value. Our crops are sprayed with carefully tested, approved fungicides and insecticies to ensure we are growing the best quality fruit for you to pick.

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